Strategy & meta-Leadership Simulation for a Responsible World

Metasim is a business strategy simulation (game) based on intensive learning and ESG research. The simulation is designed for teams to engage in a realistic business environment to enhance learning retention.



  • To put participants through a ‘heat experience’ where they learn by doing
  • Enhance the non-financial business acumen and skills of leaders in an effective and efficient way
  • Create a safe environment for leaders to think, act, and influence decisions related to non-financial strategy
  • Help leaders to improve their collaborative decision-making skills in an ambiguous, volatile, complex, and uncertain environment
  • Integrate ESG and ESG knowledge into practical strategy creation and implementation
  • Visualize daily decision making’s impact on the overall performance of organizations

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants to practice meta-leadership knowledge, skills, and behaviors while linking their responsible leadership decisions to sustainability and ESG
  • Participants to gain knowledge on what ESG is and it's importance to organizations and investors
  • Participants to start understand the components of ESG strategies
  • Participants to think, act, and influence more strategically
  • Participants to act more strategically on decision related to ESG
  • Participants to proactively assess and minimize risk
  • Participants to engage strategically with one-another and with other stakeholders
  • Participants to link simulation’s priorities to their realities

Benefits of metasim

Blended learning approach to maximize learning

Fun risk-free environment to learn

Learn through ‘heat experiences’, and trial-and-error

Realistic gamification environment

Microlearning to enhance learning retention

Sustainability / ESG learning

Practice metaleadership skills

Practice strategic leadership skills

Features of metasim

  • Interactive Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Website and app options
  • Customizable game length
  • Playing live or virtually
  • Customizable case studies
  • Life-like chatting
  • Life-like workflows
  • Life-like challenges
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Scoreboard per game
  • Artificial Intelligence integration